Age 15
Gender Female
Occupation Princess
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Height 5' 2" (159 cm)
Weight 99 lbs (45 kg)
Bust 34F (40") (100 cm)
Waist 22" (55 cm)
Hip 32" (82 cm)


Halti is the princess of the kingdom "Sukopon". Densuke Mifune bumps into her in Hawaii, and mistakes her for Chiharu Shinonome because they look alike and she also has large breasts.


Halti speaks only english so she does not understand Densuke at all. She is at first shy, but over time, the two develop a relationship. They go to several places in Hawaii. Often, Halti's large breasts brush up against Densuke, causing him to have a nose-bleed.


  • She is introduced in Volume 13.
  • Halti mirrors Chiharu in every way except she has darker skin and does not speak Japanese.
  • Her breasts are as large as Chiharu's.
  • When Yuriko and Chiharu discover Densuke has been with Halti, they become jealous.


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